Eskill Trading

Eskill Trading has grown from humble beginnings to become a multifaceted technology company, comprised of a team of dedicated professionals with a desire to provide you with Trusted Brands and Quality Service.

The heart of why we exist as a business can be summed up in a simple statement of belief: We believe in helping our customers in everything we say and do, because their success ultimately builds ours!

Our company is strategically focused on two distinct, yet separate business models, namely, Consumer Electronic Group and Business Solutions Group.
The former focuses on selling consumer electronics products and services through a channel of retail partners and IT professionals; the latter business unit focuses on strategic technical sales, providing complete imaging workflow solutions for customers who require automated document capture, print, and production print software and hardware. Each division has highly trained personnel, who are professionals in sales and technical support to ensure you have FIRST class treatment as a customer of Eskill Trading.

Whatever stage you are at in your business or organizations life cycle, we believe we have the right portfolio of skills, products and services to help you succeed.

Our Local Footprint

We currently have embarked on a new empowerment program that segments our reseller partners based on their specific business models. With over 60 resellers country wide with varied skills and product focus areas. We believe in building local relationships with resellers and IT professionals who believe in helping their customers, like we do ours. View a list of our top retail partners based on geographic location in Zimbabwe.

Our Focus

Regional Focus

Eskill Trading is looking to expand into the region with its products and services through empowering resellers in the countries within which it wishes to expand, rather than competing in their space, our purpose is fulfilled by enabling the local partners to become more competitive within their own territory.

Community Focus

Every company needs a focus for bettering the community within its influence. Our focus is toward equipping young people to grow and mature into good citizens through providing internships that give young men and women the opportunity to expand their horizons from a skill based “hands on” training perspective in the technology arena.

Environmental Focus

We believe in the enablement of people who help our local community reduce, re-use, recycle and responsibly dispose of their e-waste. Our desire is to work with those individuals and/or organizations who create awareness that empowers our society to be environmentally conscious and responsible. Miracle Missions, EnviroServe Zimbabwe and Garbage Gobblers are key partners in guiding and assisting us make good policy for the correct disposal of e-waste.

We also assist our local community with support of Birdlife Zimbabwe, an organization that works closely with the Wetlands Trust to ensure wetlands are not compromised through urbanization at the expense of good sanitation and clean drinking water for the generations to come.

We have a strong desire to see a creative and locally sustainable model that helps our impoverished communities turn “trash into treasure” by training these communities to sort and sell recyclable products and set aside non-recyclable products to be disposed of properly, thereby providing a means to make an economy out of waste management. In essence, we believe that in order to be a truly environmentally responsible company, we need to build an equally responsible society.

Our Staff Structure

Eskill Trading has more of a wheel and hub structure that keeps us balanced, closely connected to each other and in touch with our customers, rather than a pyramid structure that alienates management from staff and our customers.

Our policy is to employ on merit and character; any potential team member would have to fit in with our unique corporate culture, in order to be able to fully serve our mission and achieve our vision.