Frequently Asked Questions

You may call our friendly service centre for telephonic support Free, or come to our service centre at 118 Enterprise Road, Highlands Harare. Be sure to bring $15 for our standard inspection fee, which is refundable if the fault is under warranty!

In Short – NO.
Our recommendation is to follow the instruction manual, most printers are not designed to be “hot plug” which means one device has to be off in the process of plug in. We have found laser printers more prone to failure in this case because of the high amperage draw and especially from multifunction printers.

It is better to keep your inkjet printer on as much as possible. This will save you in ink wastage. Canon Inkjet printers do a minor periodic clean while on to ensure the print head doesn’t dry out, but the ink usage from turning off and on increases your printers ink usage because it does a major clean each time and uses way more ink!
Obviously during lightening storms and bad power cuts it becomes prudent to unplug everything.
From an efficiency perspective, your printer will perform a print out faster if from sleep to on, than off to on. Canon printers draw very little power whether awake or asleep, so your electricity bill will not be affected.

Usually the user manual that comes in booklet or CD form with your device, will have a list of common error codes and their respective remedies. Alternatively you may go to Canon’s website.

Many inkjet printers require colour inks to make different shades of grey tones, unless they have dedicated grey or photo grey cartridges installed. It is better to either select Black and White only or to print in colour and select the fast mode option to ensure your ink is not as saturated. It is important to note that fast mode will affect the quality of the print but it is still very acceptable for document printing.

The grey scale option is excellent for effect, but not always cost effective as people may think. It is important to note that some colour laser printers will use colour toners to make composite grey and black in photo printing. This is a normal phenomenon and something to consider when choosing which printer on the network to print to. Dedicated mono printers can achieve 256 shades of grey by altering the amount of toner on the page.

In short, the answer is Yes to the manufacturer warranty being void in the event the fault of the product has been linked to third party ink or toner.

The reason is because all manufacturers will recommend their ink or toner because it has been specifically designed to work in their products. If there is damage to the print head or other components due to using ink or toner that the printer manufacturer doesn’t make, then the responsibility transfers from the manufacturer to you for the repair of the printer.

Yes, it is always a good idea to have your products serviced periodically, regardless of duty or product type. Some products require more regular cleaning and checking because of their environment. In our experience heat and dust are the main causes of premature wear and tear, and so the key is to gauge your own service requirements by looking at the physical signs of wear and the amount of use in harsh conditions.

No, the servicing is not necessarily part of the warranty, however while the unit is within warranty, you will receive discounts on labour and parts to ensure the product life is extended because we are opposed to e-waste and want to give you the best out of your product.